9NINE’s produces healthier snacking alternatives. These are bars filled with all the good stuff. 9NINE’s emphasis is on bars packed with healthy nutritious seeds.

About 9NINE

Seeds are and always will be at the heart of 9NINE’s brand and they strongly believe everyone should be given access to healthier snacking alternatives that have a positive impact not just on their body but on their mind and soul too.

Why choose 9NINE?

9NINE’s bars are a natural source of energy, high in fibre, gluten free and vegan.

Why Vegamix?

We select the tastiest and healthiest vegan bars. We sell at a good price and deliver within 1-3 days. We import 9NINE bars making it easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious vegan bars. Each month we add new snacks to our shop. Stay tuned!

Order and Service

Shop at the best price and receive your order within 1-3 days. Free delivery when you spend over €50 on our vegan snacks. We deliver to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Shop our range of 9NINE now at www.shop.vegamix.nl.