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Bounce Energy Balls are an amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy. They’re great nutrition for when you’re on the go - or at any time you don’t want to compromise on what you eat.

About Bounce

Bounce is passionate about making nutritious, balanced and convenient snacks available to everyone. Bounce V Life, a NEW VEGAN Protein Energy Ball range, has 5 delicious new flavours to try. They are made from a chewy mix of vegan proteins, fats and carbs. These great tasting Balls are packed with veggie protein energy to keep you feeling energetic all day. No room for artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; plus, they are gluten-free!

Why choose Bounce ?

Bounce energy balls are bursting with nutritious natural ingredients and a blend of vegan proteins, so there’s no room for any nasties. 9g of vegan Proteins, balanced recipe and gluten free.

Why Vegamix?

We select the tastiest and healthiest vegan energy balls. Buy at a good price and receive your order within 1-3 days. Each month we add new snacks to our shop. Stay tuned!

Order and Service

Shop at the best price and receive your order within 1-3 days. Free delivery when you spend over €50 on our vegan snacks. We deliver to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Shop our range of Bounce now at www.shop.vegamix.nl.