Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

The most famous product created by Deliciously Ella are the Deliciously Ella Energy Balls. These delicious vegan energy balls have been created by Ella personally. All Deliciously Ella’s energy balls are created without dairy, refined sugars and are also free from gluten.

About Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella started as a blogger in 2012 and has grown and evolved massively over the last couple of years and during this process created a big community of like minded people. Ella is an inspiration to a lot of people and has gathered a lot of followers in this process too.

Why choose Deliciously Ella Energy Balls?

Deliciously Ella’s Energy Balls are natural, simple and honest. Made from only 6 natural ingredients, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar and most importantly vegan friendly. The perfect on the go snack to keep you feeling full of energy!

Why Vegamix?

We select the tastiest and healthiest vegan energy balls. We sell at a good price and deliver within 1-3 days. We import Deliciously Ella’s Energy Balls from the Uk making it easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious vegan energy balls. Each month we add new flavours from Deliciously Ella’s range of vegan energy balls to our shop. Stay tuned!

Order and service

Shop at the best price and receive your order within 1-3 days. Free delivery when you spend over €50 on our vegan snacks. We deliver to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Shop Deliciously Ella’s Energy Balls now at www.shop.vegamix.nl.