Vegan Bars

Our vegan bars are the perfect nutritious on the go snack. These vegan bars are small and easy to carry around and a quick and convenient snack during busy days. Vegamix Shop has a large selection of the best vegan bars - healthy, tasty and high in protein.

Vegan Bars

Here is a list of the vegan brands we offer.

  • Roobar
  • Squirrel Sisters
  • Creative Nature
  • The Primal Pantry
  • Nakd
  • Bodyme
  • Trek
  • 9Nine
  • Nom
  • Get Fruity
  • Perkier

  • Why Vegamix?

    We select only the best vegan quality bars. At vegamix we sell our vegan bars for a good price and deliver straight to your doorstep within 1-3 days. We import a large selection of delicious vegan bars from all over the world making it easier for you to enjoy the best selection of vegan bars. Every month we add new vegan bars to our shop. Stay tuned!

    Order and Service

    Shop our vegan bars at a good price and enjoy fast delivery. Your snacks are delivered within 1-3 working days. Get free delivery when you spend over €50 on our vegan snacks. We deliver to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Shop your vegan bars now at www.shop.vegamix.nl.